Slide Gate Plates

Netsanet has two different groups of materials that serves as base for Slide Gate Plates: Alumina Carbon and Alumina Zirconia Carbon Slide Gate Plate

Tabular Alumina, Carbonaceous material and Zirconia-containing material are the main elements of these slim gate plates, with additions of high-performance Antioxidants, and Phenolic Resin to serve a binder. The raw product is then burned under high temperature, providing excellent properties such as high strength, adequate erosion resistance, thermal shock resistance and strong stability.

These materials are mainly used in large and middle size ladles. 

MgO Carbon Slide Gate Plate 

High-purity and high-density fused Magnesite Y-graphite or Sintered Magnesium Aluminate Spinel are used as main elements of material. After adding the resin, it is burned at high temperature.

These materials are mainly used for high quality steel casting.