Lifting and Hoisting

Industrial Cranes, Wheels, Sheaves & Rope Drums

Custom designed Industrial Cranes like Overhead Cranes, Gantry Cranes and JIB Cranes. Critical OEM replacement parts like Wheels, Rope Drums, Sheaves and Pulleys

Industrial Cranes designed and built according customer specifications, using solely European components, and fabricated and assembled, following rigorous safety and quality standards. On site erection and commissioning is included. Guaranteed identical spares availability.

Our Crane Wheels, Sheaves, Brake Wheels, Pulleys and Rope Drums are produced by Xtek in Europe and USA. Their unique heat treatment and engineering allows us to supply parts that will outperform your current parts by at least three times but most likely more than 5 times. Dramatic reduction of flange breakages. Substantially increased service life for your rails and lifting cables.


Overhead Cranes


Gantry Cranes

JIB Cranes

Crane Wheels

Sheave Wheels


Rope Drums

Crane Hoists