Metal Processing

Rolling, Coiling and leveling

Cast Rolls, Forged Rolls, Roll Chocks, Tungsten Carbide Rolls, Pinch Rolls, Coil Mandrels and leveler Rolls

Hot Rolling, Cold Rolling, Continuous Rolling, and Reversing Rolling, combined with the types of product  rolled like: Plate, Strip, Section, Bar, and Wire, and the required properties like Corrosion Resistance, Abrasion Resistance, Conductivity, Toughness, and Hardness, calls for a wide range of mill roll grades and properties.

Continuous or semi-continuous rolling processes , should not be interrupted at any time by roll, arbor or chock failures 

Our products are based upon OEM design, however custom optimized,  considering the specific mill parameters and practices.

Roll Chocks

tungsten carbide rolls

Tungsten carbide Rolls


Coil Mandrels

Leveling Rolls

Plate Leveler Rolls