Ingot Moulds

Our company has more than 20 years of experience in the production of ingot moulds. Thanks to our know-how and our attention to detail during the production process, we produce and supply only high quality moulds to our customers.

These ingot moulds are cast in lamellar graphite iron or in spheriodal graphite iron. Their function is to receive the liquid steel and to conserve it till solidification. We have also a number of the grades and options by means of adding specific alloying elements in order to improve the specific characteristics of the required cast iron.

We have the possibility to produce and supply the products for forging and for rolling in a large range of shapes and weights:

Ingot moulds



Cast iron grades

From 1 to 42 tons


Cast iron SG (GGG)


Cast iron LG (GGL)

Flat shapes

Special cast iron slightly allowed



We can also supply associated products such as the bottom pouring plates, cover plates, raiser plates and so on.

Our high quality ingot moulds will have a good and long service life at sites. This longevity is provided by the design, high quality cast iron and the good use of steelwork.