Graphite Electrodes

Graphite Electrodes and associated nipples are made from petroleum coke and needle coke, with coal-tar pitch as binder medium.

The production process meets highest industry standards, and consists of crushing, milling, screening, batching, mixing, extrusion, baking, pressurized pitch impregnation, rebaking, graphitizing and machining. 

This results in finished graphite electrodes inhabiting superior conductivity with high temperature resistance and excellent anti-oxidation property.


We supply three grades of material:

  • RP 
  • HP 
  • UHP


  • EAF melting furnaces
  • LRF ladle melting furnaces
  • Foundry arc furnaces
  • Slag refining operations
  • Holding operations

Selection Criteria for Graphite Electrodes

  • Furnace Design
  • Scrap Requirements
  • Charging Practices
  • Burner / Oxygen usage
  • Water Spray Rings
  • Furnace Control Systems
  • Meltdown / Refine / Tap-to-Tap time
  • Slag Practice