Copper Mould Tubes

Our Copper Mould Tubes Partner  is a global leading company, employing 300 employees, including 60 Engineers. The company operates advanced equipment and enjoys excellent technology for mechanical and electro-plating processing.



Standard Products: Main products: Square, Rectangular, Round and Beam Blank copper mould tubes. Our product range also features mould assembly and other metallurgical spare parts. 

Plated Products:Besides copper mould tubes, we also supply various types of copper mould plates and assembled beam blank moulds. 

Materials for Copper mould Tubes

TP2:TP2 is used by most of the steel plants. It shows excellent heat-proof and anti- fatigue properties under high temperature and it has good processing property. 

CuAg0.1:CuAg0.1 with 0.08%-0.12% Silver during copper ingots melting will increase the recrystallization temperature of copper by 100°C, which will increase the heat stress and anti-abrasive property of copper mould tube inner surface, showing improved heat resistance than TP2. 

Cu-Cr-Zr: Cu-Cr-Zr is a Copper alloy which can be normalized by time. It has excellent mechanical properties under both room temperature and high temperatures. It has a high heat conductivity, melting point, anti-fatigue and anti-heat stress properties. All those improved properties combined in one material type results in the best performing Copper Mould material available.  

Mould and Plate Coatings

Copper has a relatively low hardness resulting in a lower anti-abrasive resistance. Therefore, the area at the lower part of the moulds, where the stress increases drastically due to shells, tends to wear out fast and premature. In order to increase the life time of copper moulds, we can supply uniform mould interior surface plating with substantially improved hardness. 

Most of the copper mould tubes for small size billet casting are not used in any casting system where there is rigid casting stream support, therefore they are very sensitive to premature wear. We use hard chrome plating to increase the life of mould tubes. The plating thickness for each application will be recommended based upon years of experience.  

For this coating we are able to provide Cr coating, Ni-Cr coating, Ni-Fe coating and Ni-Cr coating.